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Writer's Block: Paranormal activity

Tell us a ghost or supernatural encounter you’ve experienced.

I work for a family health center, and part of where I work is a HUGE mansion that used to be owned by a woman in the 40's they say now haunts the place and other part that was built in the 60's (where I work) used to be a hospital, that closed in the 80's.

One day I was sitting at my desk, and I dropped my pen. When I leaned down to get it, I heard "HEY!!!!" yelled into my right ear VERY VERY loud, so loud that it startled me and I jumped in my chair, almost falling onto the floor. I have absolutely no explanation, but man, it was loud. Another girl I work with was at the copier one day while everybody was at lunch, and felt the back of her pants pulled. Thinking it was another co worker, she turned around quickly, and nobody was there. We've heard that security guards who have worked over night here have quit.

Another story, my father passed away of cancer in April of 2002. It was still cold out, being in northeast, so all windows were closed in the house - I say that, because a few days after his death, my mother and I were in the living room reading. She was on one end of the couch, I on the other. All of the sudden, she looks up at me, at the same time I look up at her, and I go, "Do you smell that?" It smelled EXACTLY like Sunday mornings when my Dad would cook breakfast. Eggs, Toast, Coffee...his favorite day of the week. It stayed for a few minutes, then went away.

BPAL goodies for sale + more!

I don't even know if I am posting this in the right place but it's supposed to be for the BPAL market place? I suck at pricing so bare with me......


Montresor $30 (a touch below neck)
The black fruit and vanilla oaken notes of fine Medoc and De Grâve, but not a hint of the elusive Amontillado.

Nowhere in Particular $17(a touch below neck)
The scent of a moonlit night on the road, orchards in the distance, and swirling dust.

The Unheavenly City (at label) No scent description - see reviews below:

Le Serpent Qui Danse $15
A sinister, darkly seductive scent inspired by poetry of Charles Baudelaire. Violet entwined with vanilla and gardenia.

Leo LE $17 (at neck)
I'm not sure which one this is...there is a "Leo" and a "Leo 2007" -
Here's reviews for both...I can describe the bottle to help out when I get home (I'm at work)

lime / heliotrope / juniper
orange / sandalwood

Leo 2007:
Fixed Fire: the essence of pride.
Egyptian amber, walnut bark, chamomile, frankincense, and saffron.



Full size Roll Ons in: (all are 98% full...these perfumes are A M A Z I N G)

Thorns & Apples: A tantalizing Dark Vixen blend with sweet Apple Blossom, Elderberry Wine, a touch of Vanilla and a bite of Dragons Blood and Myrhh

Belladonna: Dark floral notes of Violets, Lilacs and Jasmine blended with a hint of woody Fig topped with sweet notes of tantalizing black berry and apple blossom

Arsenic & Lace: The classic and nostalgic fragrance of Gardenia Blossoms with soft notes of amber and vanilla.

Forbidden: Temptation at it's finest! Dark sinfully rich deep fruit scents of Black Cherry, Black Raspberry Apple Blossoms and Wine that are topped of with a bite of earthy Patchouli and a drop of lemon

Dark Angel: Dark and Divine is this scent, like the mysterious stone angels who keep watch over the silent graves on a moonlit night. Soothing and simple angelic scents of night blooming Jasmine and Dark Vanilla




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